Seven Harmonies Examples

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Examples for Testing Your Harmony Listening Skills

Use this tool to check your harmony identifications skills, after viewing the examples in the Harmony Ear Trainer 1.

Click on a link below to bring up one of the clips. Each bordered section represents a harmony in the soundtrack. When the clip is played, the section under the moving dot is outlined in a thicker line. Click on a colored button to place a harmony in the selected section. You can also select a section by clicking it with the mouse when the clip is not playing.

Placing harmony choices in the strips does not change how the clip sounds. You are just saying what you think the harmonies are. Click on "Check your selections" to see how many you got right - incorrect guesses will show in gray. Click on "Show actual harmonies" to see the correct answers.

All chords in the examples are one of these: 1, 5, 4, 6, 2, 5/5.