The Seven Harmonies of Music - a Field Guide


1 Introduction

What are this booklet and CD all about?

2 The Seven Harmonies

The essence of tonal music

The 1 Harmony

The 5 Harmony

The 4 Harmony

The 6 Harmony

The 2 Harmony

The 3 Harmony

The 7 Harmony

3 The Secondary Harmonies

The salt and pepper of music

The 5 of 5 Harmony

The 5 of 6 Harmony

The 5 of 2 Harmony

The 5 of 3 Harmony

The 57 of 4 Harmony

The 4 of 4 Harmony

Other excellent and wonderful harmonies

4 Music: a Sequence of Harmonies

Power comes from the ordering of harmonies

Music is a Metaphor for the Evolutionary Process

Natural Sequences of Harmonies

The Harmony Progression diagram

5 The Seven Harmonies in Minor Mode

How minor mode music differs from major mode

6 What Music Is Made Of

A closer look at intervals, scales and chords

Intervals and Scales


Other scales


The Circle of Keys

The Musical Moebius Strip

A Further Note About Emotion and Mood in Music

7 A Closing Word

Thoughts at this point of the journey

Appendix 1 The Harmonies in Several Common Keys

Appendix 2 Useful Books

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