Raising awareness of basic music theory and harmony concepts

simple music theory learning tools -- no prior musical knowledge necessary!

The Seven Harmonies of Music

a Field Guide

Book + CD

By Paul William Bennett
Booklet (80pp.) + computer CD
(150 multimedia examples)  $ 15.00
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If :
- you are learning guitar chords but don't know what chords to play and when to play them during a song

- you play another chord instrument: piano, keyboard, harp, accordion
- you just want to learn how music works in an easy and simple way

...you will find this to be a unique and indispensible tool.

Much different from a traditional theory book or class: it is an experiential journey through the workings of harmony. Learning how music works need not involve a lot of complex terms, symbols and principles. The book takes the approach that the essence of how music works is in how chords relate to each other. It describes the harmonies in the same way as on this site, but with more in-depth information. The audio CD contains all the examples in the "Harmony ear trainer 1" part of this website, plus a few more. With it, you can play the examples offline, with no download delays.

Note for guitarists: this booklet does not teach guitar chord fingering, but in conjunction with the CD examples, does teach you how to know what chord to play.

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The CD with approximately 140 example clips will work with any standard PC or Mac. It is useable with most recent browsers. If your browser displays the examples on this site correctly, this CD will work with it.

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